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Compassionate, World-Class Care
For All Your Surgical Needs

Providing Full Resolution to Your Health Problems

Voted #1 by Patients: Out of 5,500 Practitioners in Sacramento & Bay Area

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Faster Recovery & Virtually Pain-Free Experience

"The Only All-In-One Bariatric Solution"

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1,200+ Bariatric Operations

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Surgery can feel is scary, but it doesn't have to.
Experience the care that was once standard in Medicine.


Where you feel Part of the Family

35+ years experience means, we know how to

make you feel at home

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"When my doctor wasn't there, they were.

        When my friend wasn't there, they were.

                   Even when my own family didn't understand me...

                              They did."             -Sophia Johnson

Bariatric Transformation

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Stop searching the internet and unmoderated Facebook Groups for the right answers to your questions.


The bariatric journey is not easy.

If you select the right program, typically the process is 18 months+ long:   

 6 Months Pre-Op


 12-months Post-op


Trauma Informed Care & ACE's

(Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Relationship with food

Sleep Issues/Patterns

Limiting Beliefs

Body Image





I already have a great Bariatric Program

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The best Bariatric Care is lifelong. To think there is a firm ending, is to not understand what Bariatric care really is. 

That's amazing news! There are some amazing surgeons and bariatric centers out there if you do your research. 


However, even at the best centers they often simply don't have the time, bandwidth, and breadth of expertise needed to guarantee your bariatric success.

Understandably their greatest focus is the surgery and safety of their patients (as it should be). 


Many centers are doing their best to start integrating all the support a patient needs during the process. However, many times they are falling short. Promises are being made early on in the process and the patient doesn't realize until later they are not getting the care they were promised. 

Even at the some of the best centers the patient is only getting an average of 15 minutes per month with their Doctor.


At the end of the day you need something separate from your center. Allow them to focus on your safety and general care. Allow us to soley focus on your ultimate goal...                 

Medical Checkup

Bariatric Success

Why Us?

We aren't just another dietician running a support group

We know a thing or two about bariatric care.

We have 25+ experience and an unusually high success rate.

Independently verified by the most credible certifier in the industry:


The American College of Surgeons





-We have been a Level 5 Center of Excellence

*(Highest possible rating)

-Medical Director of Bariatric Surgery

-Wellness Consultant Expert

-Former Chief of Surgery


& much more!

However, more importantly than even our experience and reputation....

Please take the time to read our story and learn how our family was devastated by the disease of obesity.

Woman in Black

-Olivia Wallace

"I thought I could be successful with the Bariatric Center that did my surgery. I love my doctor and they did offer some mental and nutritional support. By all accounts I was doing relatively well. However, after 6-months I couldn't help to think that I needed more. My friend told me about Bariatric Transformation, and thought I would give it a try. Thank God I did.


I had no idea how much would change for me when I found a community of Bariatric patients and experts in bariatric care, nutrition, training, behavior, etc... I love the fact that whenever I'm really struggling or have a question I can jump right into the community and find all the answers I'm looking for. However, It's the support and accountability with those answers that makes me realize I will never leave this community. I'm obsessed! I have lost more weight, but more importantly have never felt better in my own mind and body. My only regret is I didn't join earlier!"              

"I'm Obsessed!"

A Supportive Hug

The Only All-In-One Bariatric Support System



Whether you are:

      Still deciding on the surgery

      Just had the surgery

      Had the surgery 8 years ago

This community membership is perfect for you

Get all your questions answered in one place


What I get

With my membership



We believe strongly in education. Understanding the why and how behind everything we do. How else do we expect to succeed in lasting behavioral change if we don't understand it first. We have given classes on topics like: Happiness, Perseverance, & Suffering. Topics in life that are deeply important in life but are usually only discussed in a Philosophy class.







Digital Recipe Book 


Monthly Live Q&A 

Our Doctors and Practitioners have years of experience in many different fields. Laparoscopy, Surgery, General Care, Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness, Behavior/Psychology etc... You will be hard pressed to find a group of diverse Doctors/Practitioners with this breadth of experience and are truly passionate about the health and happiness of their bariatric family!

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Full access to our entire community. Your overall health journey can feel lonely, but you don't have to anymore, when you join the family! Our practitioners, and community members are so engaged in creating the best most supportive environment there is.



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We live in a world with more and more information, and less and less meaning. The information age is a difficult one to sift through when it's hard to find the right information. Not the right information for 'most' people, but the right information for you. Clarity in your life and in your mind seems to be a harder and harder place to get to with every year that goes by. How to reach a deeper level of clarity within your own mind is often overlooked but at the basis for all of your important decision making in your life. What are exercises, tools, and education you can utilize to help you reach this place.


Full access to community challenges. Often times you will see many community members engaged in an active challenge (Sometimes you will even see one of our Doctors mixing it up in a challenge). Often times we will explore your movement, relationship with food, behavioral predictors etc... Try our most popular challenges first (Walk 1 mile everyday for 30 days straight).

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Often times during the bariatric process you are left with the thought, 'What the heck am I supposed to eat.' We provide 30+ easy, healthy, Nutritionist and Doctor approved recipes that taste great! We are constantly growing our collection with a community collaboration with all the best recipes we find. 


Bariatric Transformation


Get all your questions answered in one place

Become a member today

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Weekly support groups
Complete bariatric guide
Discounts on products

"The Only All-In-One Bariatric Solution"

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(4.8/5 from 350+ Users) 

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