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Regain your Health & Transform your Life

Say goodbye to struggles with weight & hello to a brighter, healthier future

• The all-in-one bariatric solution
• Bariatric community with experts and peers
• 1st Certified Bariatric Surgery Practice in the US (ASMBS)
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The Bariatric Wellness Program has helped 1,200+ people completely transform their lives

Experts and peers guiding you through each step of your journey...

Working The 5 Tenets of

Bariatric Transformation

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But... where are you today?
Are you feeling sick & tired, of being sick and tired?

Let us help you...

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Go from feeling:

• Trapped in your own body
• Lack of control
• Hopeless
• Stressed
• Isolated
• Shame
• Tired
• Stuck

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To feeling:

• In control of your life
• Adventurous
• Empowered
• Energized
• Inspired
• Hopeful
• Excited
• Happy

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What is this program?
You will transform your life through the 5 Phases

Begin Your Journey...

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Education | Preparation
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Decision | Goal Setting
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Surgery (If applicable)
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Creating Your New Life
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Achieving Your Full Potential...
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The 5 Phases to

Bariatric Transformation

You can finally take control of your health & happiness. Thousands of people have left their old life behind by working this plan. It's time your physical and mental health empowers you to live the life you always dreamed of.

What are the 5 phases all about?

You don’t have to go through this alone, the 5 Phases of Bariatric Transformation will support, empower and guide you through your Bariatric Journey. You don't have to go at this alone, no matter where you are in the process. Maybe you are still looking into Bariatric care or maybe you had the surgery 10 years ago. No matter where you are, we have you covered. You can finally create the transformation you desire!







Will I be successful through the 5 Phases?

Forget all the contradictory information you read online about Bariatric Care. With these 5 phases, you don't need to be an expert to be successful. Anyone committed can do it! With each phase, you'll change your relationship with food, exercise and ultimately yourself - one step at a time.

Listen to Leah's story...

Become the Next Bariatric Success Story...
Because Why not You? 
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What you Receive

When you Join
Expert Guidance | Peer Support | Step-by-Step Guide
Discounts on Specialized Products | Momentum Challenges

What's our secret sauce to your success?

Expert Guidance & Peer Support

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Monthly Doctor Appointments

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Monthly Support Groups

Tasty Bariatric Recipes

Access to 30+ Digital Recipe book curated just for Bariatric Patients. Focusing on healthy tasty dishes that take no time to make!

Expert Guidance

Access to Bariatric Surgeon, Nutritionist & Clinical Care Coordinator with years of experience.

Discounted Products

Access to top quality products from hand picked companies making the journey easier and less stressful.

Bariatric Guide

Understand exactly what to focus on and when. Plus, tips and ticks from experts with years of experience.

Through Award Winning Care

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Taking one Step at a time,

Towards a healthier, happier you...

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Anyone can achieve 
Bariatric Transformation,
with our Bariatric family behind you...
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Group Bariatric Consultation

Schedule a Group Bariatric Seminar where Dr. Patching goes over the process, educates you on your options, and answers all of your questions. Done in an intimate, comfortable setting where it is all about you learning about what path is best for you!

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Who are we

Our Program
A one of a kind, integrated approach to Bariatric Care.Dr. Steve Patching led one of the 1st Bariatric Centers in Sacramento and Bay Area.


Come find out why...

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1st center certified in the US 

1st Center in the US certified by ASMBS - Recognized as the most credible certification in Bariatrics

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30+ years experience

1,200+ successful bariatric transformations and counting

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Patient's Choice Award

Voted #1 specialist by patients in Sacramento & Bay Area

Meet your new team

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Brett Patching

Founder, BP Wellness Advisement

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Steve Patching, MD

Medical Director, Bariatric Surgery
Advanced Laproscopic & Robotic Surgery
Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento

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kate mannion, bsn, rn, cbn

Clinical Care Coordinator
Bariatric & Robotic Program

Our 'Personal' Family Story 
with the Disease of Obesity

We have a problem in our society. Obesity and those who suffer from this disease are the last group our society is yet to make some type of effort to protect. Even the medical community has done a poor job.

We are on a mission to change this.

People are not obese. There are only those who suffer from obesity.
Obesity it not your identity. Yet, maybe for many years, it’s felt like it.
‘Yeah… but Dr. Patching, you have never personally suffered from obesity.’

If you say this because my BMI has never reflected this…Well, you would be right.
If you say this because I haven’t ever felt trapped in my own body…Well, you would be right again.
But, you would be wrong, if you said I have not been affected by obesity.

I lost one of the closest members of my family to complications of this disease.
Yet, I run one of the longest standing Bariatric Practices in Northern California.
How is that possible you ask?

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Well, not all of us learn a very important thing in time…
You are worth the fight.
You are worth all that it takes to regain your life.
You are worth every single person’s time and energy around you to regain control of your life.
But, the decision is only yours, it's solely up to you.
It belongs to no one else.   

Our family lost a brother, an uncle, a son, a father… about 30 years early.
Because he didn’t ever internalize one simple fact:
He was worth it.

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Don't Give Up Hope

If you feel like you are on the edge of giving up, give this video a watch...

We promise, you can do it. 
Focus on just today. This moment. Take one small step...

Schedule a Group Bariatric Seminar

Become a member of our Bariatric Family


and become a

Bariatric Success

Disclaimer about our program

Entering our program is NOT a decision on surgery. We have some patients who never have surgery. Entering our program is entering a partnership. We are partners in your care, we will recommend and prescribe based on your unique situation, but it’s up to you to decide and for us to support you. This is why we ask for participants, not patients. As soon as you join us, we become one team working towards one goal:
Unlocking a life you love living...

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Why is the journey worth it

Questions & Answers

Explore the most commonly asked questions by prospective Bariatric Patients. Check out how you might be the perfect fit for our program.

Who is this program for?

Anyone with a 30+ BMI and who wants to regain their health and transform their life.                                                                                                                   

Why is chosing the correct Bariatric Program so key to your success?

There are drastic differences of results between each Bariatric Program. It is absolutely imperative you pick a program that supports every important aspect of bariatric care: Behavior, Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Preparation, etc… Do not go to any program that doesn’t give you their outcomes (Independently reviewed).

When is Bariatric Care necessary? 

Bariatric Care is the only proven cure for people suffering from the disease of morbid obesity. We still recommend on trying to reach your health goals without bariatric surgery first. However, research has shown for decades that you can not conquer the disease with just diet & exercise alone. Diet & exercise alone only yields a 2-3% long term success rate. But if you combine healthier eating with increased exercise with bariatric surgery, we have a 95% success rate.

When is Bariatric Care not necessary? 

If your BMI is 30 or lower and do not have one of the listed health conditions: hypertension, sleep apnea, or diabetes. Also, if you do have a 30+ BMI with one of the listed health conditions but you have not tried other approaches, you should partner with your doctor or integrated health specialist first. Or you can request a consultation with us and we can give you the best path forward to help you find the care you need.

Why should I pick your Bariatric Program?

Our team has a combined 60+ years working in Bariatrics and integrated health approaches. We have a 4.8 star rating on Google. We have been independently verified by ASMBS and hold the highest rating possible for Bariatric Centers: Bariatric Center of Excellence. 5 years after patients begin our program they have lost 80% of their excess weight but even more importantly have kept it off.

What will I learn during the program?

Create sustained behavior changes, you will learn how to create a healthy relationship with food, exercise, sleep, and ultimately yourself. You will learn how to create sustained behavior change that leads to lifelong success and happiness.

How long will it take to see results?

Our program is designed so you start seeing results much quicker than other programs. If you are committed you will start seeing results weeks after starting. You will start building momentum, and confidence towards your goals. But, this program is not right for you if you are looking for a quick fix. There is no quick fix for morbid obesity, but if you follow our guidance, our program has a 95% success rate.

What about after the program is over, can I have lifetime access?

We had so many patients tell us they wanted to continue after they were done with the program. Because we received so much demand we developed a supportive care plan for those that want to continue. Once you complete the program, you can still receive care from Dr. Patching, support from your peers, and jump into support groups when you feel like you need some support all for a nominal monthly fee. Completely your choice.

Ok, what do I do next if I want to start?

Click the 'Request Consultation,' button below, or even better pick up the phone and give us a call. We developed a group Bariatric Seminar where Dr. Patching goes over the process, educates on your options, and answers all of your questions. We do this in an intimate, comfortable setting where it is all about you learning about your options.

Are you still hesitant about Bariatric Care?

We feel this Harvard Doctor sums it up the best...

"I see Patients with a BMI of 50, and invariably I will say, 'You're a candidate for everything - medication, diet, exercise and surgery.' And many tell me, 'Don't talk to me about surgery. I don't want it.' They don't want a surgical solution to what society has told them is a failure of willpower," she said.

"We don't torture people who have heart disease: 'Oh, it's because you ate all that fast food.' We don't torture people with diabetes: 'Oh, it's because you ate all that cake.' We tell them they have a disease, and we treat it. Obesity is a disease, too, yet we torture people with obesity by telling them it's their fault."
-Dr. Carol Apovian
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Bariatric Transformation

Mental Foundation

Are you at the beginning of your Bariatric Journey?

Check out our complimentary guide about laying the mental foundation to Bariatric Success!


"I would have never been succesful if I didn't have my head in the right place when I started. This guide helped me do just that!"


-Sophia Johnson