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Bariatric Transformation

Mental Foundation

Are you at the beginning of your Bariatric Journey?

Create the mental foundation needed to become a bariatric success


Welcome to The Bariatric Wellness Program

The Bariatric Transformation Guide: Mental Transformation

Congratulations on joining The Bariatric Wellness Program! You should be proud of yourself. You are a part of a select group of people that are going through this highly specialized program. You may not fully know it yet, but you are about to completely change the trajectory of your life.

So, take a deep breath, you are taking your first big step on a journey of a lifetime! Let’s not waste another moment….

Introducing your first step: The Bariatric Transformation Guide, written by Dr. Steve Patching. Meticulously crafted, this eBook was designed to create the mental foundation needed to ensure your bariatric success. And, this is the perfect time for you to jump right in! Dr. Patching uses his years of experience to guide you through 5 steps of self-exploration. Following each step, you’ll answer specific questions that will shed light on past events, past behaviors, and how that has created your current self. Afterall, enhanced self-awareness serves as the cornerstone for bariatric success.

Many patients 12 months after starting The Bariatric Wellness Program reminisce about how this first big step made all the difference in the world!


"I would have never been succesful if I didn't have my head in the right place when I started. This guide helped me do just that!"


-Sophia Johnson

Baruatric Transformation Guide
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